Authors: He, Shun-Zi; Sun, Qing-Wen; Li, Yun-Chao
Publication: Nordic Journal of Botany
Year: 2010
Genera: Tremacron

Tremacron aurantiacum var. weiningense (Gesneriaceaea), a new variety of Tremacron aurantiacum found in northwest Guizhou, China, is described and illustrated. This new variety differs from T. aurantiacum K. Y. Pan var. aurantiacum in the following respects: it has appressed pubescence and tomentum on the lower surface of its leaves, inflorescence is 4–8‐flowered, 5–10 cymes, peduncles and pedicels are covered with glandular pubescence, the corolla is thin with tube‐like upper lips indistinct and cut‐like, the stigma is 1, capitate.