Authors: Yang, Li-Hua; Wen, Fang; Kong, Hang-Hui; Sun, Zhi-Xia; Su, Lan-Ying; Kang, Ming
Publication: PhytoKeys
Year: 2020
Genera: Beccarinda, Boeica, Oreocharis

The newly-circumscribed genus Oreocharis is recently enlarged by incorporating ten other genera with high floral diversity. In this study, our morphological, molecular and cytological evidence supports our adding two species from other two different genera (Boeica and Beccarinda) to Oreocharis. The special corolla shape (campanulate or flat-faced) and related short filament of these two new combinations, Oreocharis guileana and O. baolianis, further enrich the diversity of floral characters of the enlarged Oreocharis. Meanwhile, some supplementary and amended descriptions of these two species are made here. Our morphological, molecular and geographical data indicate that O. guileana is related to O. pilosopetiolata to a certain extent. For O. baolianis, however, our current dataset does not allow conclusions on the species relationship within Oreocharis.