Authors: Chen, Wen-Hong; Guo, Shi-Wei; Wu, Jian-Yong; Chen, Li; Shui, Yu-Min
Publication: PhotoKeys
Year: 2020
Genera: Allocheilos

Allocheilos W.T.Wang in Gesneriaceae was described in 1983 and is characterized by its 4-lobed adaxial lip and undivided abaxial lip with acute apex. The genus is endemic to the karst regions in southwestern China and is classified as endangered due to habitat loss. During surveys of the karst areas in Yunnan of southwestern China in 2017, we collected two unknown species of the genus and later confirmed their novelty to science based on the detailed observation of their morphological characteristics, viz. A. maguanensis W.H.Chen & Y.M.Shui and A. rubroglandulosus W.H.Chen & Y.M.Shui. Their relationships with the similar species and provisional conservation status are discussed.