Authors: Taram, Momang; Borah, Dipankar; Sing, Rajeev Kumar; Tag, Hui
Publication: Feddes Repertorium
Year: 2021
Genera: Henckelia

Two new species of Henckelia from the Eastern Himalayan state Arunachal Pradesh, India, are described and illustrated. The first, Henckelia dasii Taram, D.Borah, R.Kr.Singh & Tag is allied to H. umbellata Kanthraj & K.N.Nair, the second, H. lallanii Taram, D.Borah, Tag & R.Kr.Singh is close to H. urticifolia (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) A.Dietr. (type species of the former Chirita sect. Chirita). The differences are given in Table 1 and 2, respectively. A key is presented for the 21 Henckelia species presently known from N and NE India.