Authors: Chen, Wen Hong; Nguyen, Quang Hieu; Chen, Run Zheng; Nguyen, Tien Hiep; Nguyen, Sinh Khang; Nguyen, Van Tap; Möller, Michael; Middleton, David J.; Shui, Yu-Min
Publication: PhytoKeys
Year: 2018
Genera: Oreocharis

Two new species of Oreocharis Benth. from Fan Si Pan, the highest mountain in Vietnam (Sa Pa) are described and illustrated. Oreocharis grandiflora W.H.Chen, Q.H.Nguyen & Y.M.Shui, is similar to O. flavida Merr. from Hainan province, China, but differs mainly by its larger and infundibuliform corolla, stamens adnate to the base of the corolla tube and stamens coherent in two pairs. The second, Oreocharis longituba W.H.Chen, Q.H.Nguyen & Y.M.Shui, is similar to O. hirsuta Barnett, endemic to northern Thailand, but mainly differs in its pubescence, coherent stamens and glabrous filaments.