Authors: Chen, Wen-Hong; Guo, Shi-Wei; Nguyen, Hieu Quang; Chen, Li; Shui, Yu-Min
Publication: PhytoKeys
Year: 2020
Genera: Paraboea, Primulina

One new species and one new variety of Gesneriaceae in Vietnam are described, viz. Paraboea sinensis var. glabrissima var. nov. and Primulina xuansonensis sp. nov. These two new taxa grow in limestone regions in North Vietnam. The former new variety differs from Paraboea sinensis (Oliv.) Burtt var. sinensis in its young leaf abaxially, stem and peduncle sparsely and thin pannose, acute top of leaves, pistil glandular-pubescent or pubescent. The latter new species differs in its bracts 1.6–2.5 × 1.3–1.5 cm, corolla 3–3.5 cm long, corolla tube slightly curved near the base and inflated on the adaxial surface near the corolla lobes, and corolla abaxial lip lobes rounded. The two new taxa grow at Xuan Son National Natural Reserve, North Vietnam and remain undisturbed with low risk of extinction.