If Caribbean gesneriads pique your interest, then I encourage you to read Skog (1976), where historical literature, nomenclature, taxonomy, species descriptions, and pollination biology are covered for Gesneria and Rhytidophyllum. Likewise, recent literature has transformed current concepts on the pollination and diversification of Caribbean gesneriads (cf., Martén-Rodríguez & Fenster 2008, 2010; Martén-Rodríguez et al. 2010, 2015; Lambert et al. 2017; Alexandre et al. 2017; Joly et al. 2018). Hopefully, some of the shrubby species that are typical in the Caribbean and rarely found in cultivation may soon be available. Most importantly, I hope that the forests that harbor these remarkable gesneriads are preserved and maintained in perpetuity for current and future generations.


Pentarhaphia cubensis, now Gesneria cubensis