Michaelmoelleria vietnamensis

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  • Photographer: Zi-Bing Xin
  • Grown by: Zi-Bing Xin

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Michaelmoelleria vietnamensis is the only species in this newly-established (as of 2020) genus. It is distributed in southern Vietnam, in broad-leaved forests on granitic montane hills.

In Vietnam it is considered a prized decorative plant, resulting in extensive collection from the local forests. Its precarious situation is exacerbated by forest clearing for plantations of Eucalyptus trees, reducing its habitat. The species is considered critically endangered.

Now in cultivation in China, M. vietnamensis may soon become more broadly distributed in horticulture. Its beautiful flowers and patterned/variegated foliage make it particularly desirable as a cultivated species.