Primulina ‘Cynthia’  

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  • Photographer: Ron Myhr (l) and Julia Mavity-Hudson (r)
  • Grown by: Bev Williams (l) and Arleen Dewell (r)

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Primulina ‘Cynthia’ is a sport of P. ‘Kazu’ discovered and registered as a cultivar by Vincent Woo in 2001. The original sport had dark green leaves with a narrow and variable light-colored margin, as in the photo to the left above. It proved very difficult to propagate, often producing variants on those few occasions when propagation was successful. The light colored plant above is one such second-order sport, and is the one most often seen in competitive shows. Either form is properly referred to as P. ‘Cynthia’, and where both are shown at the same time might usefully be differentiated as “dark” or “light” variants.

The original registration can be seen here, amended to show both versions.

The dark form above was exhibited by Bev Williams in the Gesneriad Society convention show in 2019, where it won best in Section E, plants grown for ornamental qualities other than flowers. The light form was exhibited in the GS convention in 2012 by Arleen Dewell, and won best in show.

Both forms are difficult to grow, and the light form is exceptionally difficult to flower while maintaining a healthy plant.

Additional photos in a slideshow can be seen by clicking one of the links below.