Sinningia elatior

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  • Photographer: Toshijiro Okuto
  • Grown by: Toshijiro Okuto

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Sinningia elatior is one of the meadow species that have a related group of traits.  They often grow in full sun, with their tubers buried well below the soil line.  Their stems are usually tall and vertical, with the flowers borne in axils and held horizontally.  Other species in this group are S. tubiflora, S. warmingii, S. curtiflora, S. allagophylla, and S. incarnata.  Flower color is usually red (occasionally yellow), denoting hummingbird pollination, the exception being white-flowered, moth-pollinated S. tubiflora.

A closeup of a flower can be seen here.