Smithiantha ‘Little One’

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  • Photographer: Ruth Zavitz

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

S. ‘Little One’ was a seedline sold by Parks Seed Company for many years. It was widely grown for the velvety red and yellow leaves produced, and the very attractive bright orange and yellow flowers in terminal racemes. Often difficult to grow indoors, it did very well when grown in a fairly high-humidity environment, such as that provided by Allan Gardens, a public conservatory maintained by the City of Toronto.

S. ‘Little One’ has hairy leaves that look like red plush, which beautifully set off the bright yellow and orange flowers. Like most of the Smithianthas, ‘Little One’ produces numbers of fat rhizomes during the growing season. These can be potted separately to produce many new plants.

A photo of a bed of plants illustrates the high potential of the Smithianthas for landscape schemes.