Streptocarpus ‘Concord Blue’

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  • Photographer: Peter Yaremko
  • Grown by: Betty Tapping

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

S. ‘Concord Blue’ is one of the stemmed (“caulescent”) streptocarpus, a member of the subgenus Streptocarpella. It prefers cool temperatures, but will survive summer heat and produce many blossoms late in the summer and early fall, when nights are cool but not yet cold. It tolerates a fair bit of direct sun, but prefers dappled light shade. Plant in a well-drained medium, but water regularly for best results. It does well outside in the spring, summer and fall, but can be grown indoors in a bright window or under flourescent lights.

See the close-up of the flower, and note the similarities in flower form to those of the various rosette species. One of the problems with this and similar species and hybrids is that it blooms so heavily that the litter of dead flowers beneath it can be unsightly, as can the naked flower stems left behind.