Streptocarpus ‘Good Hope’

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Streptocarpus ‘Good Hope’ is a hybrid of S. saxorum and S. stomandrus created by Bill Saylor, of Massachusetts USA, in the 1970s. It is identical in parentage, plant and flower to the hybrid S. ‘Concord Blue’, created by Bartley Schwarz of California, USA, at the same time. Mr. Saylor registered S. ‘Concord Blue’ with the Gesneriad Society’s International Registry. Neither hybridizer knew of the others’ project.

Both plants were distributed, but the name ‘Concord Blue’ won the battle, and almost all material seen in cultivation bears this name. Some undoubtedly trace back to ‘Good Hope’, but in the interest of clarity we are using the name S. ‘Concord Blue’ for all of these plants.