Authors: Pereira, Luciana Carvalho; Chautems, Alain; Neto, Lutz Menini
Publication: Brazilian Journal of Botany
Year: 2020
Genera: Many Genera

The present work aimed to study the distribution and richness of Gesneriaceae in the Serra da Mantiqueira (SM), located in Southeastern Region of Brazil, as well as to evaluate the conservation degree of endemic species and possible areas of endemism of this Serra. The analyzed data were obtained from the literature, as well as from eight herbariums with representative collections of the SM, from field expeditions and an online database, and then marked on a map which was divided into 0.5° × 0.5° grid squares. Richness grid similarity analyzes were performed for the 55 species found, while a parsimony analysis of endemism and the conservation status evaluation were only performed with the 15 endemic species of Gesneriaceae registered for the SM. The highest richness was found for Northern Mantiqueira and the similarity between the squares confirmed the two SM sectors and the existence of a relationship between the interior of the ES and the Zona da Mata of MG. The 15 endemic species of the SM should be considered threatened to some degree due to restricted distribution, reduced populations and/or anthropogenic impact in their occurrence habitats. Given this richness, there is an imminent need for conservation policies which truly guarantee effective protection of the SM, as it represents a relevant refuge for species in general.