Authors: Yan, Zhi-Jian; Li, Zhen-Yu; Wang, Fu-hsiung
Publication: Cathaya
Year: 1995
Genera: Epithema, Gyrogyne, Rhynchoglossum, Stauranthera, Whytockia

A study on pollen morphology of 4 species in three genera of the tribe Klugieae (Gesneriaceac) in China was undertaken under SEM. Pollen grains of the tribe are tricolporoidate, with indistinctly delimited
endoapertures (oroids), spheroidal (Rhynchoglossum) or suboblate (the other genera) in shape, circular or subcircular in polar view, subround or round in equatorial view. Colpi of Whytokia and Rhynchoglossum are comparatively short, and colpus membranes of Rhynchoglossum and Stauranthera are of tubercular processes. The differentiation of colpi of Whytokia hekouensis is indistinct, and colpus membrane with fragmentary reticular tectum probably represents primitive characteristics. The exine in Epithema and Gyrogyne is rugulate, which may represent another direction of evolution. A preliminary key to genera is proposed based on pollen characteristics.

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