Authors: Wen, Hequn; Zhong, Shuhua; Wei, Yigang
Publication: Guihaia
Year: 1998
Genera: Aeschynanthus, Allocheilos, Allostigma, Ancylostemon, Anna, Calcareoboea, Chirita, Chiritopsis, Dayaoshania, Dolicholoma, Epithema, Gyrogyne, Hemiboea, Lysionotus, Metabriggsia, Oreocharis, Petrocodon, Petrocosmea, Pseudochirita, Rhynchoglossum

Gesneriaceae is a family with a lot of ornamental species . The paper reports the results of the investigation of genetic resources , distribution and ornamental values of Gesneriaceae in Guangxi. I t is concluded that: 1. Guangxi is a distribution and diversity center of Gesneriaceae in China. 2. Endemism is conspicuous , which appears as region endemism and soil restriction. 3. Many species are threatened. 4. There are exploitive potentiality in many species with multiple ornamental values .