Authors: Fang, Ding; Qin, De-Hai
Publication: Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica
Year: 2004
Genera: Chiritopsis, Dolicholoma, Wentsaiboea

Wentsaiboea renifolia D. Fang & D. H. Qin, a new genus and species of Gesneriaceae from Guangxi, China, is described and illustrated. This genus is similar to Dolicholoma D. Fang & W. T. Wang in the shape of stigma, but differs by having leaves reniform, palmately nerved and base cordate, corolla obliquely campanulate, corolla lobes rounded, and both stamens and staminodes adnate to corolla tube near base. It is also similar to Chiritopsis W. T. Wang in the habit, but differs by having leaves palmately nerved, corolla tube campanulate and abaxially swollen, and stigma hippocrepiform.

Some portions of the article are in Chinese.