Aeschynanthus ‘Fireworks’

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  • Photographer: Toshijiro Okuto
  • Grown by: Toshijiro Okuto

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

This is a hybrid by the late Bill Saylor, of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Bill was an active hybridizer in several genera (and families other than the Gesneriaceae) in addition to Aeschynanthus, including Nematanthus and Codonanthe.  Aeschynanthus ‘Fireworks’ is a result of a systematic program to introduce manageable free-flowering Aeschynanthus hybrids using a variety of species.  An earlier hybrid, A. ‘Firecracker’, was the result of a cross between the small-flowered and relatively compact A. micranthus and the larger brighter-flowered A. parviflorus‘Firecracker’ was in turn crossed with A. fulgens, a relatively upright and shrubby species with large and brilliant flowers. The result was A. ‘Fireworks’, one of the most successful of the modern Aeschynanthus hybrids.

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