Aeschynanthus fulgens

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  • Previous Name: Aeschynanthus evrardii
  • Photographer: Ron Myhr
  • Grown by: Ron Myhr

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Aeschynanthus fulgens is a very large-growing plant, with spectacular clusters of brilliant orange and yellow flowers emerging from the stem tips. The general habit is upright and spreading, and the stems are very stiff and strong. Leaves are heavily succulent and leathery. Bloom clusters may emerge repeatedly from the same spur-like growth, in a manner not unlike some Hoyas.

The species is somewhat variable, including differences in calyx form and corolla color. It has been widely distributed as Aeschynanthus evrardii, but is properly known as A. fulgens.

The plant above had been grown indoors in a large east-facing picture window because it is difficult to maintain show-level grooming on a plant grown outdoors, and the plant was destined for a show. However, A. fulgens does best outdoors in full or partial sun from late spring to early fall. It will tolerate quite cool spring and fall temperatures, although this is problematic in the spring if the plant is accustomed to warm indoor conditions.

Additional photos can be seen in a slideshow by clicking one of the links below:

A. ‘Hot Flash’ is another hybrid of A. fulgens, with A. humilis.