Kohleria ‘Snakeskin’

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  • Photographer: Kyoko Imai
  • Grown by: Deanna Belli

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Kohleria ‘Snakeskin’ is one in a series of Kohleria hybrids that John Boggan has created with a view to emphasizing the potentially attractive leaf patterning in the genus. Another such hybrid is K. ‘Silver Feather’.

K. ‘Snakeskin’ is most often grown as a foliage plant, although it has attractive flowers as can be seen in the slideshow below. It can have a very heavy flower load, although at maturity the stems may get a bit floppy, and the leaves may lose some of their attractive variegation.

More photos can be seen in a slideshow by clicking one of the links below: