Sinningia eumorpha

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  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Grown by: Unkown

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Sinningia eumorpha is highly variable with respect to flower colour and pattern. There are varying degrees of lavender/purple shading in the flower, often with purple and sometimes yellow markings in the throat.

Several collections of the species have been assigned variety names. Of these, only S. eumorpha ‘Saltao’ has become widely distributed, although seed is available of the others and may become seen more often.

At one point S. eumorpha was very widely used in hybridizing. It was able to cross with micro-miniature species like S. pusilla and S. concinna, with the resulting hybrids being the first “miniature Sinningias”. Examples include S. ‘Dollbaby’ and S. ‘Cindy’. These proved to be the gateway to the plethora of miniature Sinningis we now see in cultivation.

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