Sinningia pusilla ‘White Sprite’

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  • Photographer: Julie Mavity-Hudson
  • Grown by: Betsy Sherwin

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

S. pusilla ‘White Sprite’ is a pure white variant of the lavender/blue basic species. Both are widely grown, valued for their extremely small size and perfect trumpet-shaped flowers.

Unfortunately, ‘White Sprite’ does not transmit its color to hybrid progeny, as there is a reversion to the lavender color of S. pusilla when crossed with other species. Selfing of the plant does result in uniformly pure white flowers.

Like most of the microminiature species and hybrids, ‘White Sprite’ is best grown in an enclosed container to keep up humidity, and is often used in terrarium plantings.

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Additional photos of ‘White Sprite’ can be seen in a slide show by clicking one of the links below.