Sinningia pusilla

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  • Photographer: Kyoko Imai
  • Grown by: Al's Orchid Greenhouse

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

S. pusilla is the first of the “microminiature” sinningias to enter into common culture. It is truly tiny, able to grow comfortably in a thimble-sized pot. It has been much used in hybridizing, and along with S. concinna has been the source of the miniaturization resulting in hundreds of hybrids known as “miniature Sinningias”.

There are several different collections of S. pusilla, each of which has slightly different characters.

S. pusilla requires high humidity, and does best with low light. It is the ideal subject for an enclosed container at the edges of a fluorescent light stand. Soil should be moisture retentive but well drained, and the pot should not be too much larger than the spread of the plant. It is often grown with several plants in a common pot, and shows well in a small shallow bonsai-type ceramic pot. It makes for a great display.

S. pusilla ‘White Sprite’ is a variant with pure white flowers that comes true from seed.

Other microminiature species include S. concinnaS. muscicola and S. kautskyiBoth species and hybrids in the microminiature group can be seen from links on the Sinningia genus page.

This species, like all Sinningias, will go dormant, although it sometimes stays in active growth for a long time. If dormancy occurs, the pea-sized tubers can be replanted in new soil. It is also easily grown from seed, and if allowed to will self-seed vigorously, resulting in many tiny seedlings sprouting from every soil surface around.

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