Sinningia (eumorpha x bragae)

This spectacular specimen was exhibited by Dave Zaitlin as part of his Best In Show collection of Sinningias at the 2023 Gesneriad Society convention show in Richmond, Virginia.

Sinningia bullata

This species is remarkable for the thick white wool on the back of new leaves and on the tips of new shoots, as well as for its “bullate” (bumpy or pebbly) leaves and its beautifully contrasting red flowers. It has begun to be widely used in

Sinningia concinna

Sinningia concinna is one of the “micro” species of Sinningia.   A plant may have one or more crowns, but each crown is usually less that 5 cm [2 inches] in diameter.  The species is prized for its beautifully spotted flowers and nicely

Sinningia speciosa (fantasy flowers)

This as-yet unnamed hybrid by Dolly Yeh was exhibited at the 2023 convention show of the Gesneriad Society by Dave Zaitlin. It has blue/purple-streaked flowers, referred to as “fantasy” markings. These are common in Saintpaulia and Streptocarpus flowers, but are very unusual

Sinningia speciosa wild type peloric

This plant was exhibited as part of the Best-In-Show winning entry of a Sinningia collection at the 2023 Gesneriad Society convention show. This is an unusual plant, in that it has the look of a convention S. speciosa hybrid from the group

Sinningia speciosa wild type red

This plant has the characteristic habit of wild Sinningia speciosa, with unusual red coloration which is far more often seen in the S. speciosa hybrids often referred to as “Gloxinias”, which date from the 19th Century. It is not, in fact,

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