Sinningia muscicola

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  • Previous Name: Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras"
  • Photographer: Mauro Peixoto
  • Grown by: Mauro Peixoto

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

This interesting species is a relatively new introduction, found in the vicinity of Rio das Pedras, in Brazil, hence the original temporary descriptive name. It is one of the small group of micro-miniature Sinningias, along with S. pusilla, S. concinna and their forms and hybrids. Note the patterned and scalloped leaves, unlike those of concinna or pusilla. Overall, S. muscicola is somewhat larger than the other micro-minis. It has been crossed with with several other species and hybrids, and is proving to be a useful species in the quest for ever more interesting hybrids.

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