Streptocarpus dunnii

S. dunnii is the source of all of the red color in hybrid Streptocarpus. Its single leaf is particularly distinctive due to its usual grayish-green tone.  Note the “abscission zone”, the portion of the leaf that has died off. The ability to jettison a

Streptocarpus goetzeanus

Str. goetzeanus is seldom seen and seldom flowered. It requires cool temperatures to thrive. Its unusual and beautiful two-toned flowers are carried on a plant that, in nature, is a “creeping herb on mossy rock surfaces in deep shade in upland rainforests” (see Jeff

Streptocarpus ionanthus ssp. ionanthus var. ionanthus

This could be considered the “base” form of the original African Violet, originally known as Saintpaulia ionantha. Additional photos can be seen in a slideshow by clicking one of the links below. A photo of the whole plant featured above can be seen

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