In late 2015, Kanae Nishii and others published an article redefining Streptocarpus to include all Afro-Malagasy Gesneriaceae.  Under this merger, which was based on geographical distribution, basic chromosome numbers (N = 15), morphological traits and DNA evidence, a single large genus Streptocarpus emerged.  This genus was divided into two subgenera and twelve sections.  African violets were positioned as section Saintpaulia under subgenus Streptocarpella.  The two taxa described by Haston, Mejissa and Watkins were given species status based on DNA evidence that was lacking in the Christenhusz study.  The subspecies designations described by Darbyshire were also largely maintained.  Some names have had endings altered for the correct use of Latin endings.  (e.g. ionantha to ionanthus).

Streptocarpus afroviola (top) and brevipilosus

The current species designations are
(Str. = Streptocarpus):

Str. afroviola

Str. brevipilosus

Str. goetzeanus

Str. inconspicuus

Str. ionanthus

Str. nitidus

Str. shumensis

Str. teitensis

Str. ulugurensis

Str. watkinsii

The subspecies under Str. ionanthus are:

 Streptocarpus ionanthus ssp. ionanthus (top) and Streptocarpus ssp. velutinus cl. velutinus Lite

Subsp. grandifolius

Subsp. grotei

Subsp. ionanthus variety ionanthus

Subsp. ionanthus variety diplotrichus

Subsp. mafiensis

Subsp. occidentalis

Subsp. orbicularis

Subsp. pendulus

Subsp. rupicolus

Subsp. velutinus