Sinningia ‘Jung’s Rose Talk’

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  • Photographer: Dale Martens
  • Grown by: Dale Martens

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

This hybrid by Wu Jui-Jung is a cross between two very different species Sinningia concinna and Sinningia nordestinaThe plant in the photo is grown in a 2″ pot.

S. concinna is one of the micro-miniature sinningias; S. nordestina is much larger and quite rangy. However, both are in the Corytholoma clade of Sinningia so more closely related than appearance would suggest.  Together they make for a beautiful hybrid.

While S. ‘Jung’s Rose Talk’ may not itself be quite small enough to warrant classification as a microminiature, we are including it in that set for information purposes.

A close view of the flower can be seen by clicking the link below.