Sinningia kautskyi

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  • Photographer: Mauro Peixoto
  • Grown by: Mauro Peixoto

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Sinningia kautskyi is a diminutive plant that appears to need a humid environment to do well, such as in a bowl. It has been crossed with S. hirsuta to produce the hybrid S. ‘Amizade’.

While it is sometimes thought of as a microminiature it has substantially larger leaves than members of that group, and when multi-crowned can get fairly big. At a typical maximum width of 10 cm, and considerable height, it would be more appropriate to consider it a member of the miniature group, one of the few species in that size range. Most miniature Sinningias are hybrids, with ancestry involving the microminiatures and larger plants.