Sinningia ‘Ruffled Wood Nymph’

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  • Photographer: Ron Myhr

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

This specimen is an excellent illustration of the habit and size of the microminiature Sinningias. ‘Ruffled Wood Nymph’ is the result of a cross between S. concinna and S. pusilla (named ‘Wood Nymph’), which was in turn crossed back to S. concinna. The resulting seedlings were generally distributed as ‘Wood Nymph Improved’, and one was selected and named ‘Ruffled Wood Nymph’. Many of the plants in the ‘Wood Nymph’ series are hard to tell apart, and it is not certain that the one shown here is correctly named. The pot in this case is about 1.5″ across.

A photo showing S. ‘Little Tiger’, S. ‘Bright Eyes’ and S. ‘Ruffled Wood Nymph’ can be seen here.

The microminiature Sinningias require high humidity and do best with fairly low light. An enclosed container at the edge of a flourescent light growing area is ideal. Keep them evenly moist, but not wet, with occasional fertilizer, and they will reward the grower with a fine display of attractive tiny flowers.