• While in the front end view of a page that you want to edit, click on “Edit Page” to go to the Dashboard view.
  • Insure all the information is correct, making necessary changes.  Fix italicization issues in titles, using <uem></uem> to unitalicize text that should be normal.
  • Replace the Featured Image if you have a better picture that you want to display on the page.
  • Edit the text, using the usual word processing controls. Ensure italicization of Latin names is done correctly.
  • Make sure to press “Update” to save your changes.


  • Take an active role! Source and publish new material on your genera!
  • Create a new Plant Page in one of two ways – while in an existing Plant Page, select Add New, or when in any back end page click + New and select “Plants” from the list.
  • Enter all necessary information, including plant name (remember to unitalicize non-Latin parts), type (species/hybrid/intergeneric), photo information (photographer, grower), licensing information if any (if none, leave blank), and previous name (especially if subject to taxonomic revision).
  • Select the correct genus from the Genera list; if it hasn’t yet been created on this list, add it – make sure you spell the name the same as on the actual genus page. If the featured plant is an intergeneric hybrid, select BOTH genus names in this list.
  • Add appropriate narrative text, using the standard word processing tools. If you are pasting in text, always paste it as “plain text”, never as formatted text. Make sure to italicize appropriately.
  • Add links as appropriate, using the tools included on the formatting bar above the text box.
  • Make very sure to save your work frequently, by clicking “Publish” (in the first instance) and “Update” thereafter.


  • When preparing new images for use on the site, make sure they are of good quality, re-size to 1500+ pixels on the longest side, and save on your computer where you can find them.
  • Insert a main image by clicking on “Set Featured Image”. For existing pages, first click “Remove Featured Image”, and then “Set Featured Image”.
  • Search in the Media Library by entering all or a portion of the plant name in the search box.  You may find entering just a portion the best strategy, as the full name on the file may not exactly match what you type in.
  • If you want to upload a new image to post in this page, select the Upload Files tab in the dialogue, and choose “Select Files”.  Locate the file on your computer and upload to the site. After uploading, it will be visible in the Media Library and selected.
  • Edit the photo details, attending to italicization (<em></em> of the title, and entering basic information in Description.
  • When done, click “Set Featured Image”
  • To add links to images that will feature in a slideshow on the page, open the Media Library in an additional tab in your browser. Find (using search) and select a target image. Edit image details, including title (correcting italicization) and description, ensuring Photographer and Grower are identified. Copy the URL for the image.
  • In the text box on the page, enter a description for each image to be linked.  Highlight the description text, select the link icon above and paste the URL into the box that appears. Repeat for each linked image.
  • Remember to save your work through Publish/Update!